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Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam nerd-are-i VineGod
why? -Anonymous

why what?

Argumentum Ad IgnorantiamArgumentum Ad Ignorantiam


Here’s some helpful colors for choosing your April 20th color palette!

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam pseudosmoking Wait, whaa?


Have you seen a Toco Toucan hop down stairs lately? Or a Keel-billed Toucan bathe with a glass of restaurant water?

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam verycooltrash because birds!


Today I went to the grocery store and saw the realest fedora I have ever seen. He had long greasy hair, a fedora, poorly groomed facial hair, and a shirt that said “a good man is hard to find” with a globe on it and just wow are you a real people?

arcade-pyre Fluorescent Adolescent

In case, for some reason, you thought I would ever take my Professional Communications class seriously, I would like to share a portion of what I’m submitting for a progress report we had to write about a proposal we also have write.

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam
Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam thelurkingwangster FAPLAH!
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