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It’s that semester again. “Fall.” Come spend it as an intern for Tumblr. 

Email your resume, Tumblr URL, and a short cover letter to, and include the team you’re applying to in the subject line. 

Plus: Fall in New York City. Best season, no contest. 

Boo, no engineering positions :(

DAMN YOU, TUMBLR! First I just never hear back about my application at all, and now you’ve completely eliminated the engineering position!

All I want to do is fix your windows phone app. :(

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The future! Today!

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I’m pretty sure my standards are so high that it’s literally impossible for me to date anyone. Is she not 10/10 total perfection in every way? Oh, well, we probably have nothing in common then so there’s no point in even asking her out or talking to her or anything.


Key and Peele: let me hit that

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Self Prescribed Stoner
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This makes me extremely content.

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